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The Design Patterns Book Series showcases many patterns from PLoP conferences and leading experts in the patterns field.

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Australian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

The PLoPTM (Pattern Languages of Programs) series of conferences celebrates who we are as a community of architects, designers and programmers, and strives to share information about those practices that improve the quality of life for our profession and those we serve. KoalaPLoPTM is hosted near Melbourne Australia and is open to pattern authors, pattern users, and software designers and developers from around the world.

Melbourne, Australia

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European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

EuroPLoP is a conference that explores, develops and celebrates patterns in software. As with PLoP in the US, the main focus of EuroPLoP will be a series of writer's workshops where pattern authors work together to improve their patterns. In addition to these workshops there will be discussion groups, BOF sessions and working groups (similar to the Hot Topics at ChiliPLoP), as well as time for games and relaxation.

All the EuroPLoPs to date have been held at Kloster Irsee - a former Benedictine monastery in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. Its history can be traced back to the 12th century, and the buildings we see today were erected in the beginning of the 18th century. This beautiful and tranquil setting greatly contributes to the unique EuroPLoP atmosphere.

Kloster Irsee

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Southwestern Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

Why ChiliPLoP?

You keep hearing, "ChiliPLoP: A different kind of PLoP." Different how?

Well, we could start with a list of the hot topics and their cool contributors, or the unique opportunity for those new to the patterns community to get some real experience in finding and writing patterns. We could do that, yes, and perhaps you would glean from those descriptions that it is indeed something different. But that wouldn't begin to capture that ChiliPLoP is different not just in its content, but in its entirety. Several of us had the opportunity to visit the site of ChiliPLoP '98 at the Wickenburg Inn in Arizona, and we're very excited about what the entire conference has to offer the patterns community. An environment of creativity and relaxed intensity is what ChiliPLoP has to offer, along with experiences that will entice you to return again and again.

Carefree, Arizona

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Pattern Languages of Programs

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Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP®) events are opportunities for pattern authors to have their pattern languages critically reviewed by fellow authors. This criticism is offered in the form of Writer's Workshops. This feedback allows the participants to improve their patterns to make them more useful or more publishable.

There is no guaranteed publication associated with the review of a pattern language at PLoP®. In the past, selected papers have appeared in the Pattern Language of Programs Design (PLoPD) series. Each pattern paper that is reviewed at PLoP® can be placed in a pool that will be used to draw from to populate future PLOPD books.

PLoP® Resource Page: How to Run PLoPs

Past PLoPs

Conference Proceedings

PLoP is a registered trademark of The Hillside Group.

Allerton Park

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  • Hillside Fellowship Award 2016
  • Security Patterns in Practice
  • PLoP 2017 in Vancouver
  • PLoP Conference Proceedings

The Hillside Fellowship Award

Congratulations to Ralph Johnson and Richard Gabriel for being presented the first Hillside Fellowship award at the 2016 PLoP event at Allerton, PLoP 2016 .

Hilside Fellowship Award Recipients 2016

The Hillside Fellowship Program was established in 2016 to recognize members of The Hillside Group who have made exceptional contributions to the Hillside community and to the patterns community at large. The

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Security Patterns in Practice

Eduardo Fernandez's new book " Security Patterns in Practice: Designing Secure Architectures with Software Patterns " has been published.


It is the result of 14 years of producing security patterns with students and colleagues. Almost all of these patterns went through PLoP, EuroPLoP, AsianPLoP, or SugarLoafPLoP. Many of you have participated as shepherds or workshop commentators, the book

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PLoP™ 2017 in Vancouver, Canada

Check out the main PLoP Website for more information and details!!!

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PLoP Conference Proceedings

After the PLoP Workshops, writers are encouraged to modify their papers and submit a final version. The final versions are collected and submitted to the ACM Digital Library. The versions are also available from the conference website.

Conference Proceedings (ACM Digital Library)

Some of the PLoP accepted papers have been published on the ACM Digital Library . The

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