Enterprise Architectural Patterns
A ChiliPLoP 2003 Hot Topic


Martin Fowler (ThoughtWorks)
Kyle Brown (IBM)
John Crupi (Sun)
David Trowbridge (Microsoft)
In the last couple of years we've seen a number of books and web sites that have been looking to capture patterns that are valuable in building enterprise software (see the reading list below). What we all know, however, is that there's plenty of gaps and much more work to be done. This session aims to bring together various people who are working on patterns in enterprise software to help explore gaps and refine work in progress.
We are imagining two main kinds of activity that we'll be doing.
  •  Pattern Mining: finding areas where there are gaps in the enterprise patterns literature and diving into those areas to produce outlines of patterns for writing up later
  •  Pattern Workshops: taking some enterprise software patterns and reviewing them.
We intend this to be a pretty active session, so we are inviting people who have made a start to come along and share their ideas. We expect attendees to have at least delved into some area of enterprise software and developed ideas for patterns in that area, which we can then refine with a group pattern mining exercise. If you've gone further and actually written some patterns up, all the better.
If you're interested in coming along, please send email to Martin Fowler (fowler@acm.org) and include an summary of the relevant work that you've done.
Some suggested readings:
  • Core J2EE Patterns - Alur, Crupi and Malks
  • Enterprise EJB Patterns - Marinescu
  • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture - Fowler
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