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These are some of the commonly asked for references referred to in Design Patterns and which are available on-line.

Includes papers and the program.

Complete source available.

An Object Oriented Architecture for Constraint Based Graphical Editing.
Richard Helm, Tien Huynh, Kim Marriott, John Vlissides. Third Eurographics Workshop on Object-Oriented Graphics Champery, Switzerland. 1992

This paper presents an object-oriented architecture that integrates the graphical editing framework Unidraw, written in Unidraw, with QOCA, a powerful constraint solving toolkit.

Documenting Frameworks Using Patterns
Ralph Johnson. Proc of OOPSLA '92, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (PostScript 342k)

Many references to the Choices object-oriented operating system.

ET++ - a Portable, Homogenous Class Library and Application Framework .
Andre Weinand, Erich Gamma.1994


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