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by John Carnell, Meeraj Kunnumpurath, Matjaz Juric, Nadia Nashi, Craig Berry, and Sasha Romanosky.

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The use of design patterns in J2EE applications is an exciting new field, adding to the existing wealth of software design patterns. However these patterns do not exist in isolation, and inevitably they need to be assembled to form larger and more complex frameworks. Selecting patterns and turning them into real world solutions is never an easy task. Furthermore applying patterns in general, or J2EE patterns in particular, to address business and technical requirements poses enormous challenges.

This book is a guide to creating scalable and secure J2EE applications using patterns; including sound object-oriented design principles and real world practices. The aim is to offer designers and developers access to the best techniques for designing and building J2EE solutions.

This book is not intended to be a catalog of J2EE patterns; rather the focus is on solving problems with patterns and devising implementation and deployment strategies. Each chapter is oriented around using patterns to achieve a specific purpose or more generally contribute to a goal.

ISBN number:1-861005-28-8
Published: June 2002
Pages: 384

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