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Prentice Hall. 1995.


Using detailed, real-life examples, this book/disk package shows how to build effective object models--using applications that occur in nearly every industry. Presents five chapter-length application examples of how effective, real-life object-models are built--including point-of-sale, warehousing, order-processing, and data acquisition and control. Each application reveals specific "how-to" strategies (148 in all) and patterns (31 in all) that will help readers develop an intuitive feel for building object models. More details.

Also available: the Strategies and Patterns Handbook, a hypertext version of Chapter 7 in this book. (Windows help file format). The hypertext edition of the handbook is available free, via ftp.

Published by Prentice Hall. 1995, 505 pp., cloth. ISBN 0-13-108614-6. Available at 10% discount off US list price from Computer Literacy Bookstore if you mention the ordering code PC.

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