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The International Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP) conference is a premier event for pattern authors and pattern enthusiasts to gather, discuss and learn more about patterns and software development.

The conference program offers pattern authors an unique opportunity to have their pattern languages reviewed by fellow authors, which occurs mainly in the form of Writers' Workshops.

Authors and non-authors will find in the different PLoP activities (Writers' Workshops, Focus Groups, BoF sessions, BootCamp, Games) many opportunities to learn more about patterns and pattern writing.

As a whole, the conference provides a friendly and effective environment to give and get feedback, to share expertise, and to allow the participants to improve their patterns and make them more useful and more publishable.

20th Anniversary Edition

Reinventing the past is hard to do and not what we plan. Programming, software and software development are changing fast. We plan to explore where it could all go, how code will be made, what the nature of design will be, how scale will infect everything, and what kinds of new software will emerge. Our program will consist of these things:

  • Invited talks on the future of software and programming. Ralph Johnson is already confirmed.
  • Evening panels
  • Shepherd training
  • A workshop leader workshop
  • Writer's Workshops

Call For Submissions

PLoP promotes development of pattern languages on all aspects of software, including design and programming, software architecture, user interface design, domain modeling, software processes, project management, and more.

Paper submissions may include short papers containing one or more patterns, longer pattern languages or sequences, or works-in-progress by writers wishing to get in-depth shepherding by an experienced author at the conference. Patterns and pattern languages on other topics, essays on patterns, and visions for the future are encouraged.

In addition, you may submit proposals for free-format discussion groups or workshops bringing together people interested in a hot topic related to patterns or proven practices—with a duration about two hours. Non-conventional formats are welcome.

Suggestions or proposals for activities are welcome and encouraged. Please contact the chairs with your ideas.contact the chairs with your ideas.

Click to submit to PLoP14

PLoP14 submissions are peer reviewed and digitally archived at ACM. Papers discussed at writer's workshop at this conference qualify for submission to the journal "TPLoP - Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming" published by Springer. See Springer's pages on TPLoP for details of this journal.

Important Dates

  • April 28th: Initial Draft Submission
  • May 12th: Shepherding starts
  • June 30th: Focus Groups Submission
  • July 7th: Second Drafts Due for Review
  • July 14th: Notification of Acceptance
  • Sep 1st: Conference Versions Due
  • Sep 14: Patterns Bootcamp
  • Sep 14-17: PLoP conference days

More information

For more information, please contact the organizers: Richard Gabriel.

At the Hillside Group web site you can learn more about patterns, writing patterns, PLoP conferences, and previous PLoP's.

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