Caffe Paradiso

Caffe Paradiso is located on the edge of campus at the corner of Lincoln and Nevada in Urbana. Stop by for a cup of the best coffee in town, fresh-squeezed lemonade, a pastry, or one of their daily specials like homemade soup or pasta salad.  A really neat cafe with all different kinds of tables and chairs, lots of plants and almost every issue of National Geographic ever printed. Thursday night is open mike night. If you go in the morning, hide your ball-point pens, the guy behind the counter is an avid collector and he will try to talk you out of yours.

The Menu

Drinks: Espresso drinks (espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha)
            Brewed coffee  (decaf and house)
            Tea (at least 4 kinds -- black & herbal)
            Italian soda
            French Soda
            San Pellegrino: bubbly water, limonata
            Stewart's Root Beer
Food:    Italian Cookies
            Perugina Baci (Hazelnut Kisses)