PLoP2001 Volunteers


Task (persons/task) Task description Volunteer(s)
Paper Submission Manage submissions (papers in electronic format + author information) F. Balaguer
CD-ROM editors Sort the submissions by group. Assemble a master copy. Burn the master copy on CDs--we'll provide the equipment. J. Hegg
K. Yoshi
Conference Proceedings Print the master copy. Take the master copy at Kinko's for production. A. Garrido
Electronic Registration Help managing the existing electronic registration system. (some degree of: XML, Java, httpd, Linux, etc.) F. Balaguer
On-site Registration Print the badges before the conference. Slide credit cards through a card reader; print receipts. This takes about 3 to 4 hours on the first evening and a couple of hours on the following morning, but the four persons assigned to this task may work by turns. Y. Mai
Y. Byun
A. Rosnfeld
M. Hewner
Pizza Night Take about 12 large pizzas from Papa Dell's and bring them to Allerton House. (You keep the coupons.)
W. Witthawaskul 
Computer Support The 4-5 computers from DCL to Allerton House and connect them. S. Ravijain
PLoP News Print 2-page bulletins each of the three days with PLoP news.  R.T. Braga
Allerton Tour Touring the main house and gardens
 Entertainment Keep an eye on things. Coffe stand. Music. J. Yoder