Greetings PLoP '94 Attendee,
	The following information describes the registration
procedure for PLoP '95.  Since quite a few of you will
be returning, this list seemed like a good way to reach
many of you.  Those of you who have subscribed to one or
more of the patterns lists may receive several copies of this
notice.  We apologize for the duplication....
              PLoP '95 Registration Information

Second Annual Conference on the Pattern Languages of Programs
Wednesday-Friday, 6-8 September 1995
Robert Allerton Park
University of Illinois
Monticello, Illinois

Software researchers, as well as developers, have long 
observed that certain architectural themes recur and endure
across different applications and systems.  The emerging
interest in patterns represents a (long overdue) effort to catalog
and communicate these themes and idioms.  PLoP '95 will 
bring together researchers and practitioners whose interests
span a remarkably broad range of topics, who share an interest
in exploring the power of the pattern form.

Join us for three days of rumination, rustication, and relaxation
on the banks of the Sangamon.  If you have an questions about 
PLoP '95, contact us at:

Registration for PLoP '95 is being handled electronically.
The easiest way to register is to use the World Wide Web.
Steer your browser to:

and fill out the form.

IF you DO have Web Access, PLEASE use the WWW form above
to register.  The Web page contains the same information
as the form below, but is easier to use, and easier for
us to process.


If you do not have Web access, you may register by
email.  Fill out the information in the form below,
and email it to the indicated address.  

Everyone who plans to attend PLoP '95 should register.
This includes authors, non-authors, students, staff,
and conference organizers.  Space is limited, so PLEASE register early.
You needn't pay now.  Payment is due upon your arrival at the conference.

The fee for PLoP '95 is $700.  
The fee for full-time students is $300.

This fee includes:

o    Conference Costs
o    Preliminary Proceedings
o    Room (9/5 through 9/8)
o    Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner), snacks and beverages
o    Transportation to/from Willard Airport

We can accept the following forms of payment:

o    Check (Institutional or Personal)
o    Cash
o    Banks Drafts or Cashier's Checks
o    Money Orders
o    Electronic Wire Transfers

It appears likely that we WILL be able
to accept major credit cards this year as well.
Stay tuned for additional information.

Payment may be made upon your arrival at the conference site.

Contact us for information about wire transfers, or if
you wish to make any other payment arrangements.

To register for PLoP '95 by email, fill in the form below
(the part between the ==== lines) and email it to:

Make the subject line:

	Registration: Doe, Jane
	(where your name replaces Jane Doe above)

Please retain the field format below, so as to make
electronic processing easier.

PLoP '95 Electronic Registration Form


Sex [M/F]:
Author [Y/N]:
Student [Y/N]:
Smoking [Y/N]:
Driving [Y/N]:
Commute [Y/N]:




If you are the author or a co-author of an accepted paper, 
please indicate this using the Author field above.
Registrations will be processed on a first-come/first-served basis.
In the event that we receive more registrations than spaces,
authors will be given priority over non-authors.

If you are a full-time student, indicate this in the Student field.
We may ask you to provide proof of such status (though, by-and-large
we know who you are).

The Smoking items are for the purposes of room assignment.
There will be no smoking during the conference sessions themselves.

If you will have a car available during the conference,
please check the Driving item.  

Check the Commute item if you'll be commuting from nearby
rather than staying at Allerton Park.
This should apply primarily to UIUC students and staff.

Use the Comments area to indicate special dietary needs,
roomate preferences, room accessability requirements, 
or any other information you feel that we should have.

Most of the information we are asking for is to 
help us make room assignments.  
Many of the rooms at the conference center are very large, 
and have more than one bed in them.  
Due to the shortage of space, this means that most of
you will sharing your rooms.  

If you have a World Wide Web homepage, or a page associated
with your submission, indicate the URL for it in the WWW
field above.

Please send any questions or comments to: