PLoP '96 Writers Workshops

The following classifies the PLoP '96 papers into writer workshop tracks. Most of the papers are in uncompressed postscript and all papers have an ASCII abstract. A zip file containing all of this information in one place is also available. If you have any questions or problems obtaining the papers, please send email and let us know.

These papers have all gone through at least one round of shepherding. However, they are not the final versions (final versions will be produced once the papers have gone through the writer's workshops at PLoP). Therefore, please be considerate and constructive in your treatment of these works, i.e., remember that our goal as a community is to improve the quality of the papers and to protect the dignity of the authors.

You can either click on a topic to locate the related papers, or you can simply scroll through this page sequentially.

  1. Concurrency and Operating Systems
  2. Distribution
  3. Frameworks and Architectures
  4. System Configuration and Resource Management
  5. Design Patterns
  6. Pattern Languages
  7. Potpourri
BTW, if you find a paper that is wildly misplaced please let me know so we can fix the sessions.

The remainder of this document contains a list of the writer's workshop sessions and the other activities and events. Please note that these lists only illustrate the clustering of papers into sessions alphabetically, but do not yet indicate the time schedule for reviewing the papers. The final order will be determined by each workshop group at the beginning of the conference. The order depends on several factors (e.g., such as people leaving early, which papers fit which session together, etc.). If there are any constraints on when you can have your paper reviewed, please let us know so we can work out an appropriate schedule at the conference.

1. Concurrency and Operating Systems

Lead moderator: Jim Coplien

1.1 Specific Notification in Java (abstract) -- Tom Cargill (
1.2 Patterns to Ease the Port of Micro-kernels in Embedded Systems (abstract) -- Michel de Champlain (
1.3 UNIX Shell Patterns (abstract) -- Jim Coplien et al (
1.4 A Software Pattern for Autonomic Object Behavior (abstract) -- John W. Gilbert (
1.5 Asynchronous Completion Token -- An Object Behavioral Pattern for Efficient Asynchronous Event Handling (abstract) -- Timothy H. Harrison (, Irfan Pyarali, and Douglas C. Schmidt
1.6 The ``Ubiquitous Agent'' Design Pattern (abstract) -- Jean-Marc Jezequel (
1.7 Double-Checked Locking - An Object Behavioral Pattern for Initializing and Accessing Thread-safe Objects Efficiently (abstract) -- Douglas C. Schmidt ( and Timothy H. Harrison
1.8 Object Recovery (abstract) -- Antonio Rito da Silva et al (

2. Distribution

Lead moderator: David Delano

2.1 Patterns for Three-Tier Client/Server Applications (abstract) -- Amund Aarsten (
2.2 Patterns for Cooperation (abstract) -- Amund Aarsten (
2.3 3-Tier Architecture (abstract) -- Robert Hirschfeld (
2.4 A Pattern for Multiagent Systems (abstract) -- Elizabeth A. Kendall (, Margaret T. Malkoun, C. Harvey Jiang
2.5 Awakening the 20,000 Megahertz Productivity Giant: The Batch Problem Queue Pattern Word Format (abstract) -- Bruce Lombardi (
2.6 Warden: A Pattern for Object Distribution (abstract) -- Fernando Das Neves ( and Alejandra Garrido
2.7 The Atomizer--Efficiently Streaming Object Structures (abstract) -- Dirk Riehle ( and Wolf Siberski
2.8 Naming and Identification in Distributed Systems: A pattern for Naming Policies (abstract) -- Pedro Sousa (

3. Frameworks and Architectures

Lead moderator: John Vlissides

3.1 "Storyboard Generator" an Architectural Pattern for Multimedia Applications. (abstract) -- Chrystalla C. Alexandrou ( and George A. Papadopoulos ( Developing Form Style Windows (abstract) -- Mark Bradac ( and Becky Fletcher
3.3 Crossing Chasms: The architectural patterns. (abstract) -- Kyle Brown (
3.4 Relational Database Access Layer (abstract) -- Jens Coldewey (, Wolfgang Keller (
3.5 Multilayer Class (abstract) -- Jens Coldewey (
3.6 (This paper was moved to the Experience with Patterns session)
3.7 Frameworks Evolve to Domain-Specific Languages (abstract) -- Don Roberts ( and Ralph Johnson
3.8 An Architectural Pattern for Real-Time Control Software (abstract) -- Bran Selic (
4.8 Manager-Agent and Remote Operation: Two Key Patterns for Network Management Interfaces (abstract) -- Jean Tessier and Rudolf K. Keller ( (this paper was previously listed in the System Configuration and Resource Management session).

4. System Configuration and Resource Management

Lead moderator: Frank Buschmann

4.1 Configuration Management Patterns (abstract) -- Steve Berczuk (
4.2 Propagator: A Family of Patterns (abstract) -- Peter H. Feiler and Walter F. Tichy (
4.3 Patterns for Logging Diagnostic Messages (abstract) -- Neil B. Harrison (
4.4 Service Configurator -- A Pattern for Dynamic Configuration and Reconfiguration of Communication Services (abstract) -- Prashant Jain ( and Douglas C. Schmidt
4.5 Adaptive Configuration: an Object Structural Pattern for Adaptive Applications (abstract) -- Edward J. Posnak, R. Greg Lavender (, and Harrick M. Vin
4.6 Compressed Collection: A design pattern for representing data collections in a space-efficient manner (abstract) -- Henry Rabinowitz (, Gary Sevitsky, John Martin
4.7 The Manager Design Pattern (abstract) -- Peter Sommerlad ( and Frank Buschmann
4.8 (this paper was moved to the Frameworks and Architectures session)
4.9 The Sponsor-Selector Pattern (abstract) -- Eugene Wallingford (

5. Design Patterns

Lead moderator: Erich Gamma

5.1 Late Creation--A Creational Pattern (abstract) -- Dirk Baeumer and Dirk Riehle (
5.2 External Polymorphism -- An Object Structural Pattern for Transparently Extending C++ Concrete Data Types (abstract) -- Chris Cleeland (, Douglas C. Schmidt, and Timothy H. Harrison
5.3 The Extension Objects Pattern (abstract) -- Erich Gamma (
5.4 Callback Implementations in C++ (abstract) -- Paul A Jakubik (
5.5 Acyclic Visitor (abstract) -- Robert C. Martin (
5.6 Variations on the Visitor Pattern (abstract) -- Martin E. Nordberg III (
5.7 Pattern Integration, Variations of State (abstract) -- Jim Odrowski (
5.8 The Null Object Pattern (abstract) -- Bobby Woolf (
5.9 The Type Object Pattern (abstract) -- Bobby Woolf (

6. Pattern Languages

Lead moderator: Linda Rising

6.1 Reports (abstract) -- John Brant and Joseph W. Yoder (
6.2 Metaphor - A Pattern Language for User Centered Software Design (abstract) -- Todd Coram ( and Jim Lee
6.3 System Test Pattern Language (abstract) -- David E. DeLano ( and Linda Rising (
6.4 Refine: A Pattern Language for Catalysis (abstract) (author just had a baby and won't be at PLoP). -- Desmond D'Souza
6.5Towards a Family of Pattern Languages for Simulation Software Design (Another postscript version). (abstract) -- Wolfgang Kreutzer ( (this paper has been withdrawn from review because the author can't attend the conference)
6.6 Points & Deviations - A pattern language for fire alarm systems (abstract) -- Peter Molin ( and Lennart Ohlsson (
6.7 A Pattern Language for Requirements Analysis (abstract) -- Dan Rawsthorne (
6.8 Towards a Pattern Language for Hypermedia Applications (abstract) -- G. Rossi, D. Schwabe and A. Garrido (
6.9 PLOTS: pattern language of transport systems (abstract) -- Liping Zhao ( and Ted Foster (

7. Potpourri

Lead moderator: Alistair Cockburn

7.1 A Medical Guide Model of Risk Management Patterns (abstract) MS Word format. -- Alistair Cockburn (
7.2 Attracting Reuse (abstract) -- Brian Foote ( and Joseph W. Yoder (
7.3 Recurring Events (abstract) -- Martin Fowler (
7.4 Patterns of Efficient Prolog Programs (abstract) -- Robert Hanmer (
7.5 Multiparadigm Patterns of Thought and Design (abstract) -- Charles D. Knutson (, Timothy A. Budd, and Curtis R. Cook.
7.6 MetaPatterns: A Pattern Language for Pattern Writing (abstract) meszaros.rtf -- Gerard Meszaros, Object Systems Group ( and Jim Doble, Allen Telecom
7.7 Requirements Process Patterns Via Events/Use Cases (abstract) word doc. -- Suzanne Robertson (
7.8 Domain Specific Patterns: Conversions, Persons and Roles, and Documents and Roles. (abstract) -- Ari Schoenfeld (
7.9 Domain + Control + Policy Reusability (abstract) -- Lizette Velazquez (

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