What to Expect at PLoP?

Through patterns we make the life of the ordinary programmer better. Patterns eliminate the need to reinvent the solutions that others have already used so well. They free us to creatively and artistically solve new and interesting problems.

Writing patterns is a creative endeavor also. From the inspiration of recognizing a pattern to be written until it is finally published, our creativity as author is required to give each pattern birth.

This year's PLoP conference will recognize this creativity. PLoP-97 provides the usual Writers' Workshops as well as opportunities for each attendee to explore their creative self. An exploration that will help them in solving their new problems and in writing their patterns.

This page offers an introduction into what this year's PLoP Conference will be like. At last year's PLoP, Ward Cunningham documented the conference through a photo story. In just a few photographs he captured many of the common scenes from PLoP-96.

If you have suggestions for things to do at PLoP, please email them to me!

. . . Bob Hanmer

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