PLoP/Allerton Park 1997 Program Committee

Program Committee Members:

1997 Program Chair Robert Hanmer
Lucent Technologies
2000 North Naperville Road
Naperville, IL 60566-7033 USA
voice: +1 630 979 4786
fax: +1 630 713 6121
1998 Program Chair Steve Berczuk
Member Ward Cunningham
voice: +1 503 245 5633
Member Brian Foote
Member Doug Lea
voice: +1 315 341 2688
Member Dirk Riehle
voice: +41/1/234/2702
Member Doug Schmidt
voice: +1 314 935-4215

Program Committee Goals

This is the first year of a formal decision-making Program Committee for PLoP. It is being instituted to address some of the criticisms that came from the PLoP-96 Conference.

The most significant is the sense that shepherding was very uneven. Everyone contacted has at least one paper that they thought need a lot more work before going to PLoP. Many shepherds knew of an excellent paper that was rejected for some reason.

Another criticism is that the previous process made the shepherd both an advocate and a judge at the same time. In one instance they are trying to help an author improve their work, and in the next telling the Program Chair to accept or reject a paper.

It should not be the responsibility of the shepherds to select the optimal number of papers for the site (Allerton Park), purely by accepting all the appropriate papers.

Responsibilities of Committee Members

To achieve the goals described above, the program committee members will perform the following functions:

When the Program Committee will be Active


In order for everyone to have a productive and good time at PLoP, no one should be preoccupied with whether the selection process was unfair. PLoP isn't a typical conference in the "academic" model, so we need to be explicit about what our expectations are for Program Committee member behaviour.

PLoP is a conference for pattern authors to come together to contribute to each others work, network and be creative together. It would be unfair to everyone if members of the program committee were unable to submit papers to the conference. To avoid improper appearances or events, the following guidelines will be used.

Guidelines for Program Committee members submitting their own papers to PLoP.

Shepherding Guidelines

For the shepherds

For the Program Committee

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