PLoP '98

PLoP '98 Volunteers

PLoP is only able to run as smoothly as it does with the help of lots of people. The following is a list of those who volunteer quite a bit of their personal time to make sure that everything is in place for PLoP to start and that everything works smoothly while PLoP is in session. If you get a chance, say hello and thanks to the following people for their usually thankless work.



Brian Foote

Books available at PLoP

Don Roberts

Hats and Other Trinkets

Ian Chai

PLoP Logo and Computers

Ping Liu

Computers and more

Wee Witthawaskul

Conference Proceedings

Ed Peters


Lewis Muir

Registration GUI

Dragos Manolescu

Registration BackEnd

David Anderson


Paul Rubel

PLoP News

Peter Hatch

Registraion Desk

Joseph W. Yoder
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