Writers Workshop Guidelines

This document explains how writer workshops should work at PLoP '98. The process is basically the same as previous conferences, but there are a few differences. One difference is the manifestation of the Strong Moderator role. The workshops need to balance the exchange of ideas with the ability to fit all the parts of the workshop process into a workshop session, and the ability to fit all the workshop sessions into a conference. In the description of the workshop process below time limits are assigned to each section. The limits are only recommendations, but past experience has demonstrated that sessions which vary to much from these limits tend not to fit everything in, and the author typically gets cheated out of their chance to ask for clarification. Workshop groups are free to continue the workshoping of a paper during some of the free sessions.

For more information on writers' workshops also see these notes on conducting a writers workshop.


Logistics Session

Each workshop session will be slightly more than 1 hour in length. There will be a special 30 minute session at the beginning of the conference so that each workshop group can be introduced, and work out logistics, such as how much they want non authors to participate and in which order the papers will be presented.

The Workshop Process

Each workshop session will be 1 hour long. The writers workshop format has proven to be useful in past PLoP conferences, and should be followed by each group.

Remember that while the writers workshop format may seem unfamiliar, it has been shown to be useful for developing an environment where patterns authors can share their ideas.

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