PLoP 99

PLoP '99 Schedule

The conference sessions start on Monday morning. The days will be quite busy, but we hope they will also be rewarding and fun.

If possible, you should make travel arrangement so that you arrive around dinnertime Sunday, and fly out late Wednesday afternoon. The shuttle we will be running between Allerton and the airport will typically require you to leave around 3 hours before your flight. This means a 3PM or later scheduled departure time from the Urbana-Champaign airport should ensure that you do not miss anything.

Note: If you are an author, you will stay with your workshop group for all the sessions. Non-authors are encouraged to pick a group and stay with it for all the sessions.

Start End Event Other Activities
Sunday, August 15th
17:00 21:00 Registration Tour of the park with Ralph Johnson (17:30-19:00)
17:00 21:00 Pizza Reception  
19:00 19:45 Games  
Monday, August 16th
07:30 08:25 Breakfast  
08:30 08:55 Chat/Reading Time  
09:00 09:55 Opening Ceremonies + Demo Workshop  
10:00 10:40 Games  
10:45 10:55 Break  
11:00 11:25 Writers Workshop Organization  
11:30 11:55 Nap/Reading Time  
12:00 12:55 Lunch  
13:00 14:15 Writers Workshop Session #1  
14:20 14:55 Games  
15:00 16:15 Writers Workshop Session #2  
16:20 17:25 Nap/Reading Time Patterns Book Shop
Open 4 PM to 8 PM
17:30 18:55 Dinner  
19:00 20:25 Keynote #1: The History of Software Patterns -- How we got here  
20:30 22:30 Entertainment  
Tuesday, August 17th
07:30 08:25 Breakfast  
08:30 09:25 Chat/Reading Time  
09:30 10:45 Writers Workshop Session #3  
10:50 11:25 Games  
11:30 12:25 Lunch  
12:30 13:25 Special Session: Shepherding Workshop  
13:30 14:45 Writers Workshop Session #4  
14:50 15:25 Games  
15:30 16:45 Writer's Workshop Session #5 Patterns Book Shop
Open 4 PM to 8 PM
16:50 17:25 Nap/Reading Time  
17:30 18:55 Dinner  
19:00 20:25 Keynote #2: The Future of Software Patterns -- Where we're going  
20:30 22:30 Entertainment  Book Signing
Wednesday, August 18th
07:30 08:25 Breakfast  
08:30 09:45 Writers Workshop Session #6  
09:50 10:25 Games  
10:30 10:55 Break/Checkout Time  
11:00 11:55 Closing Ceremonies + Quick Game  
12:00 13:00 Lunch  

Details on Some Activities

The History of Sofware Patterns -- How we got here

Ward Cunningham and Dick Gabriel will discuss where patterns came from, how software developers started using them, where the Hillside Group came from and how the various PLoP conferences started.

The Future of Software Patterns -- Where we're going

Jim ("Cope") Coplien will discuss: Now that we're writing patterns, what do we do with them? How are patterns affecting our industry? What do we do now?

Shepherding Workshop

Neil Harrison will discuss patterns for shepherding: How do you be a good shepherd? What makes for a good shepherding experience for an author? What are the patterns?

Patterns Book Shop

Borders Book Stores will set up a table where you can buy a selection of books on patterns, including some of Christopher Alexander's books.

Book Signing

Bring your books on software patterns for authors to sign. Check the registration list to see which authors will be at the conference.

Dragos Manolescu

Last modified: Sun Jul 25 1999