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  • AsianPLoP


    Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP) conference is a premier event for pattern authors and users to gather, discuss and learn more about patterns and software development in the Asia region as well as other regions. The purpose of AsianPLoP is to promote development of patterns, pattern languages, technologies and experiences of patterns primarily about software; however, these for domains outside of software are also welcome.Visit the Asian PLoP Official Site   Read More
  • EuroPLoP


    EuroPLoP is the premier European conference on patterns and pattern languages. EuroPLoP 2017 will be held again at Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany. At this fantastic venue you will experience a creative and constructive atmosphere that inspires your work. Visit the EuroPLoP Official Site. Read the full story Read More
  • ScrumPLoP


    ScrumPLoP is a PLoP® conference. It will be a gathering of experienced Scrum practitioners, assembled with the goal of contributing to the body of pattern literature with proven practices. If you don't yet know what a PLoP conference is, read about what a PLoP is here. Visit the ScrumPLoP Official Site. Read More
  • Viking PLoP

    Viking PLoP

    VikingPLoP contains writer’s workshops for submitted pattern papers, focus groups, and other activities. The conference provides participants with the opportunity to share their experience about patterns and software. As with the PLoP series of conferences, our overall goal is to build a community of patterns' people. VikingPLoP especially encourages submissions related to embedded systems, however, also other pattern-related topics are very welcome. Read More
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Pattern Books

The Design Patterns Book Series showcases many patterns from PLoP conferences and leading experts in the patterns field.

See our Pattern Book Library filled with over 80 Pattern related books.

Patterns Resources

PLoP Conference News

Dear PLoP author:

Thank you for taking the first step in making PLoP'05 a contribution to
the patterns community.

Before we proceed to the next step, shepherding, we need to make sure
that as authors you do your part. What will this entail?

First and foremost is your participation in the shepherding process. As
an author, we expect that you will work carefully and diligently with your
shepherd to improve the quality of the content and exposition of your
pattern and/or pattern language. We also expect that for every paper that
is submitted, that at least one author will contribute to the shepherding
of another paper written by someone other than one of their own
coauthors. If you have written a pattern paper that has been workshopped,
at PLoP or another PLoP-like conference, we expect that you will
contribute to the shepherding of another paper by someone other than one
of your coauthors. If you have never shepherded a paper before, don't
worry. A program committee member will help you in the shepherding process.

Second is your participation in the workshop process. Workshopping is
the heart of PLoP. Every paper must be represented by at least one author at
the workshopping sessions at PLoP. To ensure the highest quality and to
allow for reasonable scheduling, an author is only allowed to represent
one or two papers for workshopping. If you are an author of multiple
papers, you have something unique to offer to PLoP. As such, your
contributions to the workshopping of other's work is particularly
valuable. By only representing two papers, others can gain from your
expertise when workshopping their work.

In summary, before we proceed to shepherding, we need a response from
you saying who will represent the paper at PLoP and a statement that the
person who is representing the paper will attend PLoP. As soon as we have
the registration system up and running, we will email you and give you a
deadline as to when you have to register. If you find that you cannot
register by the deadline, you must indicate which of the paper's remaining
authors will represent your paper at PLoP, keeping in mind that no author
may represent more than two papers. If you do not, all shepherding activities
on your paper will cease.

We on the program committee look forward to working with you and your
shepherd in improving your work. We look forward to seeing you at PLoP in

Joel Jones
Program Chair

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  • Hillside Fellowship Award 2016
  • Security Patterns in Practice
  • PLoP Conference Proceedings
  • Asian PLoP
  • EuroPLoP

The Hillside Fellowship Award

Congratulations to Ralph Johnson and Richard Gabriel for being presented the first Hillside Fellowship award at the 2016 PLoP event at Allerton, PLoP 2016 .

Hilside Fellowship Award Recipients 2016

The Hillside Fellowship Program was established in 2016 to recognize members of The Hillside Group who have made exceptional contributions to the Hillside community and to the patterns community at large. The

Read More

Security Patterns in Practice

Eduardo Fernandez's new book " Security Patterns in Practice: Designing Secure Architectures with Software Patterns " has been published.


It is the result of 14 years of producing security patterns with students and colleagues. Almost all of these patterns went through PLoP, EuroPLoP, AsianPLoP, or SugarLoafPLoP. Many of you have participated as shepherds or workshop commentators, the book

Read More

PLoP Conference Proceedings

After the PLoP Workshops, writers are encouraged to modify their papers and submit a final version. The final versions are collected and submitted to the ACM Digital Library. The versions are also available from the conference website.

Conference Proceedings (ACM Digital Library)

Some of the PLoP accepted papers have been published on the ACM Digital Library . The

Read More

Asian PLoP

The premier Asian conference on
Pattern Languages of Programs

AsianPLoP solicits paper submissions written in both of English and Japanese; English papers and Japanese ones will be discussed in different sessions. Both practitioners from the industry and academics are invited to submit their papers. The conference solicits the papers for the following different sessions. Details can be found in Topics

Read More


European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

EuroPLoP is a conference that explores, develops and celebrates patterns in software. As with PLoP in the US, the main focus of EuroPLoP will be a series of writer's workshops where pattern authors work together to improve their patterns.

In addition to these workshops there will be discussion groups, BOF sessions and

Read More


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