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This letter was used as a suggested template for the one Shepherds use to introduce themselves to their authors and to introduce the shepherding process. Also see Shepherd Letter Steve and Shepherd Letter David.

Dear <author_contact_name>,

My name is <shepherd_name>. Thank you for submitting your paper, "<paper_title>," for PLoP '99. We're now beginning the shepherding process, and I will be your shepherd for this paper. What this means is that I will help you improve it prior to the conference so that you can present the best possible paper for comment at the conference. It is also up to me to decide whether or not your paper is good enough for the conference. It's in your best interest to use this opportunity to improve your paper as much as possible. People who make the most of this process will have the best chances of being accepted to the conference.

Assisting me in the shepherding process is a member of the conference's program committee, <pc_member_name>. He'll keep an eye on the progress we're making and help us if we need any. I'll CC him on all my mail to you; please do the same when you write me.

Here's the schedule for what's due when:

    Shepherding Recommendations Due    Fri, June 18, 1999
Notification of Acceptance Thu, July 1, 1999
Final Conference Copy Due Fri, July 16, 1999
Conference Dates August 15-18, 1999

So we have between today and June 18th to work on your paper. If I accept your paper, you'll have another chance to make changes to your final draft for the conference. It is then due by July 16th.

I will be contacting you within a few days with my initial comments on your paper. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the review process or the conference, feel free to contact me at <shepherd_email_or_phone>.

I look forward to working with you.


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