The 11th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP2004)

September 8 - 12, 2004, Allterton Park, Monticello, Illinois

The Fellowship of The Pattern: The Second Decade of the Patterns

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BoF (Birds-of-a-Feather)

BoFs are an opportunity for informal, relaxing discussions on topics of interest in the patterns community. Anyone can propose a BoF upon arrival at PLoP. These are the ones that are happening so far:


Patterns and Symmetry: The Role of Symmetry in Architecture and Programs

There is a lot of talk about this, but what is it all about? Dick Gabriel and Ali Arsanjani will lead a discussion that promises to be very thought-provoking!


Pattern Formats

What formats are pattern writers using? Do we have too many? Is there one format that is “best”?


Rules versus Patterns

What is the difference between a Rule and a Pattern?  What role(s) do Rules play in Pattern Mining? Can Rules indicate Patterns?  Can Patterns indicate Rules?  Are both Rules and Paterns structured? Is there agreement within the Pattern community on the differences between Rules and Patterns ( No ).  Can the Pattern community arrive at a consensus position on the differences between Rules and Patterns that can be succinctly documented and communicated?  David Hecksel will lead this interesting discussion.


If you wish to get your BoF idea on the web page before PLoP, email a title and short description to


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