The 11th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP2004)

September 8 - 12, 2004, Allterton Park, Monticello, Illinois

The Fellowship of The Pattern: The Second Decade of the Patterns

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Focus Group on Patterns in XML

Fabio Arciniegas, CTO: Postgraphy, LLC
Fabio at postgraphy dot com

The group will deal with the discussion, practical application, and refinement of 6 of the 21 patterns contained in the upcoming Addisson Wesley book "Patterns in XML".

The group does not have submission requirements. All the material treated is part of the book and provided for the peer review of the group.

Review will take place in two forms: as an open discussion after reading the chapters (1 chapter per pattern) and as hands-on experience with some of the patterns, applying them to the guided creation of software in Java and C++.

There will be at least one chapter/pattern for each section of the book (Structuring, Processing, Transforming, Generating). Particular patterns to discuss are TBD but *all* of the chapters of the book are available for the conference and a PDF copy of the whole material will be available for participants.

Finally, the expected output is a full review of the book, in particular of the six patterns treated, incorporating the lessons learned and input from the conference.

The final paper to be workshopped contains 6 chapters and is at

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