The 11th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP2004)

September 8 - 12, 2004, Allterton Park, Monticello, Illinois

The Fellowship of The Pattern: The Second Decade of the Patterns

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Focus Group on Pattern Languages

Ali Arsanjani, Ph.D.
Executive IT Architect, Chief Architect, SOA & Web services Center of Excellence
IBM Global Services

Pattern Languages are the end all of the pattern movement, providing wholeness and a set of consistent, inter-related solutions to common problems. With the application of any patterns, certain forces are resolved, on the other hand, other forces are disturbed and thrown out of balance: the consequences should usually address the result in state of affairs subsequent to the application of a pattern. But the solution to the problem we just created need to be within the sphere of a system of patterns or a pattern language that covers that domain. There have been many pattern languages presented during the past 10 years. We will review a set of pattern languages and arrive at a set of criteria and possibly a set of problem/solution pairs for how to construct a pattern language that brings wholeness and solves problems in a domain (domain coverage) with the intent of a pattern language for pattern languages.

Each participant will agree to review 1-3 pattern languages based on a set of predefined criteria and present findings, participate in the overall brainstorming associated with coming up with the pattern language for pattern languages.

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