The 11th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP2004)

September 8 - 12, 2004, Allterton Park, Monticello, Illinois

The Fellowship of The Pattern: The Second Decade of the Patterns

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Focus Group on Management Patterns

David L. Hecksel

 Software development is a people intensive process – governed  by random and unpredictable events and human behavior.  Key  people on a project that influence the context of a software  development project are those performing the management role.  Management decisions, actions, leadership, and their  channeling/management of human behavior correlate strongly  to successful (on time, on budget) software project  deliveries.  

Topics for brainstorming / pattern mining Management Patterns  include:     

  • Hiring ( and Firing! )     
  • Building effective teams     
  • Project Management     
  • Leadership     
  • Interactions between key roles ( Manager, Project Manager, Architect, Technical lead )

Submission requirements:  

  • None

Session results:      

  • Session minutes      
  • List / brief description of brainstormed patterns by topic      
  • Follow-on Session at ChiliPlop 2005 on Management Patterns


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