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Note to authors: Please check that we have the latest submitted version of your paper. If not, please inform Federico Balaguer.

Document Shepherd PC Member
Workshop Group 1 - Leader: Joel Jones
  The SOAP Pattern for Medical charts
Sorgente, Fernandez and Larrondo-Petrie
Berna Massingill Robert Hanmer
  Patterns for the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language
Delessy, Fernandez and Tami Sorgente
Munawar Hafiz Paul Adamczyk
Stal and Schmidt
Jeffrey Overbey Linda Rising
  Context Object: A design Pattern for efficient Information Sharing across Multiple System Layers
Krishna, Schmidt and Stal
Jorge L. Ortega Arjona Brian Foote
  Change of Authority and Thread Safe Interface goes synchronized
Berna Massingill Robert Hanmer
Workshop Group 2 - Leaders: Richard Gabriel & Linda Rising
  Secure Pre-Forking -- A Pattern for Performance and Security
AmiR RaveH Paul Adamczyk
  Warning Message Accumulator
Robert Hanmer Paul Adamczyk
  Log Data Management Patterns
Douglas C. Schmidt Brian Foote
  Temporal Details: Patterns for Comprehending Software representations over Time (updated)
Murray and Lethbridge
Linda Rising Robert Hanmer
  Telephone Number Lookup
Paul Adamczy Joe Yoder
Workshop Group 3 - Leader: Brian Foote
  Privacy-Aware Network Client Pattern
Sadicoff, Larrondo Petrie and Fernandez
Robert Hanmer Brian Foote
  The Dynamic Mapping Design Pattern
Gresh, McKim and Sanchez
Huascar A. Sanchez Linda Rising
  Stage Driver
Federico Balaguer Paul Adamczyk
  Peer: An Architectural Pattern Enabling Resource Sharing in Virtual Organizations
Amoretti, Reggiani, Zanichelli and Conte
Jorge L. Ortega Arjona Paul Adamczyk
  Reengineering for Parallelism: An Entry Point into PLPP (Pattern Language for Parallel Programming) for Legacy Applications
Massingill, Mattson and Sanders
Brian Foote Linda Rising
Mini-Focus Group on Cataloging and Organizing
  A Theoretically-based Process for Organizing Design Patterns
Hasso and Carlson
Miroslav Kis Paul Adamczyk
  A Model for Meta-Specification and Cataloging of Software Patterns
Welicki, Martinez and Lovelle
Sargon Hasso Joe Yoder

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