Workshop on Patterns for Distributed Work

Facilitators: Neil Harrison, Michael Weiss, Lise Hvatum

Workshop Date: October 15, 2020

The current pandemic has accelerated the shift to distributed work. What was previously a matter of choice or strategy has become a necessity. It is thus important to articulate and share our knowledge on how distributed teams work, the common practices and patterns that distributed teams follow.

The Workshop on Patterns for Distributed Work will take place on October 15 during the PLoP 2020 Conference days. It is a full day event designed to discover patterns of distributed work and to collect stories or scenarios that illustrate their use. The outcome of the workshop will be published and made widely available to both practitioners and those who teach software engineering. Because PLoP 2020 is held as a virtual conference, this workshop is an online event. We will be adjusting the timing to accommodate international participation as much as possible, and are also encouraging engagement before and after the day of the workshop.

We invite contributions by practitioners and researchers in the form of a short position paper (one to two pages). The paper should be in the form of a story that describes an experience with working together remotely. The story may be from direct or indirect experience, but must include the lesson learned from the experience. Submissions will be evaluated based on relevance and importance of insights gained, along with clarity of lessons learned. Preference will be given to early submissions. Participants will be notified of acceptance and are expected to register for the PLoP conference. Please send your position paper to by Sep 30, 2020.