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January 25-27
Methodological Pattern Languages
April 12-13
Pattern Mining
May 9
Paper Tracks Proposals Due
May 25
Future of Education
June 22
DSL to Low Code
July 27
Teaching with Patterns
August TBA
Cloud Architecture Pattern Exploration
September 20
Dialogue Workshop
September 30
Fearless Change Campfire
October 17,18
PLoP Conference days

Paper Tracks

Call for PLoP 2022 Paper Tracks
Proposals due: May 9, 2022

2022 has been another year impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, the PLoP conference will be virtual again, with a series of events throughout the year. Since virtual events drop some physical barriers, we invite all pattern communities to join in this initiative by proposing tracks for this year’s PLoP. Tracks can be held virtually or in a hybrid way, depending on the event, time and location constraints. The proceedings for the conference will be a collection of papers from various tracks – all paper tracks will be in the same proceedings.

The tracks can be: (a) attached to an existing local community that has already organized local PLoP events, which can accept papers in local languages and hold sessions in more timezone-friendly times; or (b) attached to a pattern community around a given topic, allowing more specialized shepherds and sessions.

The Hillside group will provide the following infrastructure for each track: (a) access and configuration of the Pasture submission system; (b) license of software solutions to conduct remote sessions for their track event (if needed); (c) support for adding the papers to the proceedings.

The PLoPourri program aims to cover various phases of the lifecycle of patterns and pattern languages, from brainstorming, mining and writing patterns, to organizing pattern study groups, writing experience reports on using patterns, and conducting empirical studies.

The activities will be organized by themes, dates and regions, to enable each one to be run as effectively and widely as possible, from locally and face-to-face, to blended, or simply virtually, and streamed globally.

The track chair will be responsible for: (a) spreading the call for papers in their respective community; (b) recruiting their PC and shepherds for the papers in their track; (c) managing the shepherding process and the decision on paper acceptance; (d) organizing the sessions; (e) receiving the final copies of revised papers for the proceedings.

To submit a track, please provide the following:
  • Chair name and affiliation (can be more than one)
  • Track name
  • Track description (1 paragraph)
  • Description of the community, or profile of the participants, that you expect to submit papers to your track (1 paragraph)
  • At least 3 names (with affiliations) that will be on your track Program Committee

Submit your track proposal by email to plop2022tracks@hillside.net

The following are the important dates for your proposal:
  • Track proposal submission: May 9th 2022
  • Acceptance notification: May 16th 2022
  • Call for track papers sent out: On or before May 30th 2022
  • Track writers workshop sessions: Sometime during 17th October to November 4th 2022
The following are suggested dates that can be used by the track chairs (with some autonomy):
  • Track papers initial paper submissions: due by July 18th 2022
  • Notification of track paper acceptance for shepherding: by July 25th 2022
  • Shepherding: should finish by September 15th 2022
  • Notification of track paper acceptance for writers workshop: by September 30th 2022
If you have questions about the paper tracks, email plop2022tracks@hillside.net