Conference Schedule

The conference sessions begin on Wednesday morning. Each day will be quite busy, but we hope that they will also be rewarding and fun. Information on the individual events is linked at the bottom of this page.

Travel Plans

If at all possible, you should make travel arrangement so that you arrive around dinner time on Tuesday and fly out late Saturday afternoon. The shuttle running between Allerton House and the airport will usually require you to leave 2-3 hours before your flight departs. This means that you should aim for a scheduled departure time from the Urbana-Champaign airport of 3:00 PM or later in order for you not to miss any part of the conference.


Check out the menus and let us know if you have any special dietary needs.

Start  End  Event  Other Activities
Tuesday, September 11th
17:00 21:00 Registration Allerton101(House)
18:00 21:00 Pizza Reception + Open Bar Allerton102(Gardens)
19:00 19:45 Games  
20:00 20:45 Newcomer Orientation  
Wednesday, September 12th
07:30 08:25 Breakfast  
08:30 08:55 Reading Time  
09:00 09:55 Opening Ceremonies Shepherding Award
10:00 10:40 Games  
10:45 10:55 Coffe Break  
11:00 11:25 Writers Workshop Organization  
11:30 11:55 Reading Time  
12:00 12:55 Lunch  
13:00 14:15 Writers Workshop Session #1  
14:20 14:55 Games  
15:00 16:05 Reading Time + Coffe Break
16:10 17:25 Writers Workshop Session #2  
17:30 18:55 Dinner  
19:00 20:25 Plenary Session:  
20:30 22:30 Patterns Music Movie: Memento
Thursday, September 13th
07:30 08:25 Breakfast  
08:30 09:25 Reading Time  
09:30 10:45 Writers Workshop Session #3  
10:45 10:55 Coffe Break
10:50 11:25 Games  
11:30 12:25 Lunch  
12:30 13:25 Shepherding Workshop  
13:30 14:45 Writers Workshop Session #4  
14:50 15:25 Games  
15:30 16:05 Reading Time + Coffe break
16:10 17:25 Writer's Workshop Session #5  
17:30 18:55 Dinner  
19:00 20:30 Paper Session: Experiences, Refactoring, BOFs  
20:30 22:30 Movie: Memento   String Society
Friday, September 14th
07:30 08:25 Breakfast  
08:30 09:45 Writers Workshop Session #6 Caffe Paradiso
(all day long) 
09:50 10:50 Visual Patterns  
11:00 11:55 Games  
12:00 13:00 Lunch  
13:00 15:00 Refactoring Workshops
15:00 15:30 Games UofI bookstore!
15:30 17:00 Refactoring Workshops
17:30 18:55 Dinner
19:00 20:30 Paper Session: Experiences, Refactoring, BOFs
20:30 22:30 String Society Movie: Memento
Saturday, September 15th
07:30 08:25 Breakfast
08:30 09:45 Refactoring Workshops
09:45 09:55 Cofee Breake
09:50 10:25 Games 
10:30 10:55 Time to Checkout
11:00 11:55 Closing Ceremonies
12:00 13:00 Lunch and LunchBoxes

Details on Some Activities


Games are an integral part of the PLoP experience. This year, we are glad to welcome back George Platts as our "tangential thinking coordinator". George is a fixture at PLoP and EuroPLoP.

We encourage everyone to participate in the games as fully as they are able. You'll find that they add a lot to your PLoP experience, in terms of mental freshness, personal connections within the community, and just plain fun! 

Newcomer Orientation

PLoP veteran Steve Berczuk will lead an informal session for folks new to PLoP or the software patterns community. Topics will include the history of PLoP, the format of the conference, the nature of writers workshops, and workshop moderation. Of course, Steve will entertain any questions and maybe even answer some of them! And you need not be a newcomer to join in--either to ask or answer questions... 

Opening Ceremonies

This session will formally open the conference. We will introduce you to the people and facilities you'll need to know for the conference, and answer any questions you may have. We'll also present a short demonstration writers workshop, so that newcomers will have a better idea of how they work and so that veterans can refresh their memories. 

Shepherding Award

At PLoP and EuroPLoP this year, the Hillside Group is inaugurating a new award, the Neil Harrison Great Shepherd Award, to honor one or more shepherds who provided exemplary service to their authors and thus to the software patterns community. The award is named in honor of Neil Harrison, widely acknowledged as perhaps the one person who has contributed the most to our community to shepherd papers and to help the rest of us become better shepherds. Past award winners include Norm Kerth and Todd Coram for their exemplary work as a shepherds.

Who will receive the Neil Harrison Great Shepherd Award for PLoP-2001? You'll find out at the opening ceremony! 

Writers Workshops

The writers workshops are the heart of PLoP. If you are an author, you will stay with your workshop group for all the sessions. Please prepare for each workshop so that each author in your group has a valuable experience. Your co-authors will do the same for you.

Non-authors are strongly encouraged to choose a workshop group and work with it for all the sessions. Your workshop groups may invite you into full participation and, if so, you should prepare to participate just like another author.

Refactoring Workshop Proposals

Linda Rising's book, The Pattern Almanac 2000, was one of the first major attempts at organizing and describing published patterns. Other groups have been interested in structuring pattern languages from existing patterns, such as those in the organizational, telecom and elementary pattern communities. It is the goal of the refactoring workshops to provide  intensive, collaborative environments where those interested in forming or extending pattern languages can meet.

Patterns Bookstore

We plan to have UofI  Book Stores as a guest. They will set up a table at which you can buy a selection of books on patterns, including some of Christopher Alexander's books. More details on the days and times will be made available soon. 

Plenary Session: A Good "Sheep": More than Meets the Eye

This session was going to be a sequel to the shepherding workshop; a talk on being a good sheep. But it got sidetracked, because being a good sheep is intimately tied to pattern quality, which is intimately tied to beauty, wholeness, and piecemeal growth. And these are tied to software quality and usability.

Shepherding Workshop

One of the veteran pattern writers, shepherds, and instructors, will lead a session aimed at helping us all be better shepherds. Those of you who have written a PLoP paper know just how important shepherds are to PLoP. They are the lifeblood of the community.

Even if your paper at PLoP-2001 was your first pattern-writing experience, we encourage you to look toward being a shepherd for future pattern events. This workshop will help you begin to contribute as a shepherd. If you are a PLoP veteran, please join us, too, to work toward being a better shepherd.

Newcomer Session: What Next? On the Future of Your Patterns

The patterns community thinks differently about the life cycle of papers submitted to its conferences. Those who have never been to a PLoP often are not sure just what happens -- or can or should happen -- with a paper after it has been workshopped at the conference. This session will help newcomers especially figure out what to do next.

Visual Patterns

Over the last 30 years a number of visual artists have used non-narrative film and video as a medium.  I will present a number of these works during PLoP 2001 which introduce "Patterns" in another medium.  Featured work will include "Chain Reaction" by two Swiss artists and the works of Bill Viola (USA) and Michael Snow (Canada).  Appropriately for PLoP 2001 I will also be showing the stargate sequence of "2001 : A Space Odyssey".  A video tape of the recent movie "Memento" will also be available throughout the conference which forces the viewer to experience a reversal pattern in the narrative.
Contemporary artists and  photographers have also investigated visual patterns and examples of their work will be shown as a slide presentation.

String Society Artists

String Society Artists had been part of PLoP since 1997, they provide music and the special atmosphere that is a trademark of PLoP.

Patterns Music

The early works of the "Minimalist" composers such as Philip Glass,  Steve Reich, Terry Riley and others were originally termed "Process" or "Patterns " music in the late 1960's.  The compositional process often involved designing a musical pattern, often employing repetition, that once embarked upon  would take on a partly unpredictable course in terms of sound and duration.  Encountering  this music necessitates a new way of listening.

Closing Ceremonies

This session will bring the conference to its formal close. We will introduce you to some of the folks who will be working on next year's PLoP. Then, we will "workshop" the conference, to help next year's organizers improve PLoP. Finally, we will close with a traditional end-of-PLoP game.

Caffe Paradiso

PLoP will again be serviced for our Java and specialty drinks by the Caffe Paradiso, which has become part of the PLoP tradition.

Lunch Boxes

The conference will provide lunch-boxes to those who has to leave early on Saturday.  The kitchen will have them ready after 10:00 am on Saturday 15th.  This service will be provided by request only, if you are leaving after 10:00am on Saturday 15th and you want a luch-box you have to ask for it.