The 10th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs 2003

September 8th - 12th, 2003


PLoP 2003 - Learning and Doing


September 12, 2003 Photo album 1, 2 and 3.
August 25, 2003 A revised schedule is available. The general session papers have been divided into two workshop groups.
August 9, 2003 The first draft schedule is available.
August 6, 2003 The general session papers are online. So are some brief descriptions of the activities.
July 31, 2003 Registration is open. The conference begins with a pizza party the night of Monday, September 8. Official activities end Friday, September 12, at noon. There will be self-organized activities on the weekend for people who care to stay later (perhaps to get cheaper flights). (The extra nights are not included in the base registration price.)
May 1, 2003 Focus group deadlines have been extended. See below.
April 30, 2003 Two new focus groups: Elementary Patterns: Toward a Pattern-Driven CS1 Course and Enterprise Software Patterns.
April 9, 2003 The first focus group is ready for submissions: Patterns and Pattern Languages for Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems.
April 8, 2003 Focus Group page added.
February 28, 2003 The Call for Papers and Proposals is out.

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What Is This Conference?

The Pattern Languages of Programs conference has traditionally been about helping pattern authors improve the written expression of their patterns. This year is no exception. Roughly two-thirds of each day will be devoted to writers' workshops. In a writers' workshop, a group of people gather to discuss a pattern while the author listens. The author learns what readers understand or do not understand about a particular pattern, while the whole group deepens their understanding of patterns in general.

This PLoP will also have afternoon and evening activities targeted at pre-authors, non-authors, and just plain pattern users. These activities will be diverse, and many of them will be organized at the conference. We will certainly include these:

  • a roundtable with Ralph Johnson. The topic: improving the next version of Design Patterns.

  • "pattern mining", in which domain experts and pattern experts will sit down to identify and discuss some patterns of a specific domain.

  • opportunities to experiment with the use of patterns, including especially how patterns arise through the refactoring required when adding features to code.

And, perhaps as important, PLoP includes the chance to take long, leisurely walks with genuinely interesting thinkers.


Important Dates

General session paper submissions due Monday, May 19, 2003
Last day for writer's aid proposals Monday, May 26, 2003
Elementary Patterns focus group submissions due Monday, June 2, 2003
Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems focus group submissions due Monday, June 2, 2003
Enterprise Software Patterns focus group submissions due Monday, July 7, 2003
Last day for activity proposals Monday, July 7, 2003
Registration closes Friday, August 29, 2003
Conference Starts Monday evening, September 8, 2003
Post-Conference Activities Friday afternoon through
Sunday morning, September 12-14, 2003


"The PLoP conference is an excellent venue to get
exposed to the practical use of patterns in OO
programming. Not only is it recognition of the use of
patterns but also an identification of patterns in
pattern use. Being an open and free environment it is
a great place to network and share ideas with some of
the most talented people in the OO programming
There is genius in simplicity as I always say and
George demonstrated that with is team building games.
His games were simple in nature but provided a means
for us to work together as a team in a very fun way.
I left this conference with a better understanding of
OO design, patterns of patterns, and a better gamer.
I would highly recommend this conference to anyone
wanting to further their skills in object-oriented technology."
Paul Saletzki

Contact Information

Program Chair Brian Marick
Conference Chair Mark Schwenk


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