The 10th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs 2003

September 8th - 12th, 2003



A part of every PLoP day is reserved for activities. They will give people further opportunities to use, demonstrate, and build design knowledge. We especially encourage activities in which people learn by doing. Some PLoP activities will be planned in advance; others will spontaneously erupt at the conference. The planned activities include these:

  • A roundtable with Ralph Johnson about how to improve the second edition of Design Patterns.

  • Discussions with Richard P. Gabriel and a professional writers' workshop leader about writing books.

  • Practicing refactoring to patterns.

  • Learning about retrospectives by doing one on PLoP itself.

  • Mining patterns of adaptive object models.

  • Applying patterns to produce better, more pleasing, more maintainable XML.

  • Working with Jeff Patton on collaborative card-based techniques for project scoping using usage-centered design.

  • Brainstorming discipline-crossing structures, mechanisms, processes, and patterns.

  • Using Alexander's A Pattern Language to design or refurbish all or part of a building. (So bring your copy or buy one at PLoP.) We'll likely apply APL to Allerton itself.

  • Demonstrations of "microtechniques" - small techniques that collectively make a big difference.

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