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About Patterns

In our work as software developers we struggle with problems which we imagine must have known solutions. For some of these problems we find answers in reference books of algorithms, or in collections of sample code, or in code borrowed from a colleague. For other problems, such as those involving design, organizational structure, and development process, the answers are harder to find. Much of the time the answers are not written down, but rather, if we are lucky, passed on from person to person, or rediscovered by each individual through trial and error. For some problems it happens that different groups reach similar solutions each time, independently, because the solution works. Writing down these experiences for others to use is what patterns are about.

We seek patterns which document the knowledge embedded in these experiences, as well as papers documenting experiences mining or applying patterns, for PLoP 98.

The Patterns Home Page has more information about patterns, including a definition of patterns as applied to software.

About the Conference

PLoP is a forum for developers and researchers to present and review patterns relating to software design, process and organization. Papers are not presented in the traditional sense, but reviewed in Writers' Workshops, in which other authors discuss the good points of the technical information in the paper and the manner in which it is presented, as well as those areas in which it can be improved. For PLoP 98 there we've written some guidelines to try to improve the workshop process.

Other PLoPs

Other PLoPs: There are a number of other conferences in the PLoP series throughout the year, including:

The Review Process

Patterns presented at PLoP are assumed to be works in progress.

Even though the goal of the review/shepherding process is improvement, submissions which are very undeveloped may be rejected.

Each patterns submission will be assigned a shepherd who will work with the authors to improve the submission before the Writers' Workshops. Shepherds are experienced pattern authors whose goal is to help the author improve their pattern(s). Shepherds will make recommendations to the program committee, which will decide whether the paper will be workshopped at the conference. Shepherds will be assisted by a member of the Program Committee to ensure that an author is getting enough, and appropriate feedback.

Experience Reports, BoFs, Workshops

Experience reports will be reviewed in a traditional manner and will not be shepherded or workshopped. Any experience reports which are accepted for the conference can be presented in additional sessions. Anyone wishing to organize an evening session on experience with patterns should contact the Program Chair.

In addition to the workshops there will be BoF sessions organized at the conference, informal forums, and games sessions to encourage creative thinking, and many opportunities to make connections with those you find have similar interests.

If you wish to organize an event or discussion group, contact the Program Chair.


For this year's conference, we welcome papers which describe patterns for programming, design, analysis, software process, or software organizations. This includes general patterns, as well as domain specific patterns or pattern languages. This year we will show a preference for patterns languages, and paterns which incorporate other patterns as part of the context as the beginning of a language. The subject of the patterns/pattern languages need not be original; preference will be shown for authors who are able to best capture the recurring patterns in computing.

Patterns papers should be in pattern form.

Patterns should demonstrate concrete evidence of the pattern being used, so that we can further the community's emphasis on proven solid ideas over novel ones.


Papers will be published in a technical report which will be available at the conference. In the past, selected papers have appeared in Addison-Wesley's Software Patterns Series (SPS) books. Some accepted papers may also appear in the Fourth Volume of the PLoPD series which will draw on papers from 1997 and 1998 PLoP and UP conferences. Workshopped papers will be published on-line in the upcoming Addison-Wesley patterns repository site. The site will serve as a forum for disseminating and refining patterns for ultimate inclusion in compendia and topical works in the SPS.

Submission Requirements

Authors should submit an electronic copy in English to by May 12, 1998. There is no limit on the length of Patterns submissions; they should be as long as necessary to fully describe the patterns. To ease the shepherding and workshop process submissions longer than 10 pages (2000 words) in length should designate a 10 page section to be reviewed in detail. When preparing your submission, please remember that readers often prefer concise writing. Please contact the program chair if you have any questions about paper length, or how to select sections for detailed review.

Submissions may be in any of the following formats (listed in order of preference):

Submissions must be prefaced with ASCII text containing:

Acceptance Criteria

The criteria for acceptance to a writers' workshop will include:

Authors whose patterns are not accepted for formal workshopping may also attend the conference; We will have activities to develop pattern writing skills.

Important Dates

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