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A Methodological, Philosophical, and
Educational Study on Pattern LanguagesPLoPourri

Organizers: Takashi Iba, Joseph Yoder, Richard Gabriel

Dates: Jan/Feb, 2022 (see below)

Abstract: Takashi Iba is currently writing an academic book (in Japanese) on pattern languages. Over the last year, the Iba lab has revised their method to create pattern languages and with these papers, is sharing knowledge about their experiences with it. This workshop focuses on seven papers on Methodological, Philosophical, and Educational studies on Pattern Languages.

In this workshop, we will discuss these papers with the goals of improving their (English) presentation and validating their content. The format will be a gently guided (Socratic) discussion over a span of a few days. This is an invitation-only workshop.

Agile 20 Reflect

[Methodological] Jan 26th/27th 8:00am-10:00 am Tokyo Time
                           (Jan 25th/26th 3:00pm-5:00 pm Pacific Time)

  • "Extracting and Writing Key Elements in Pattern Mining" by Takashi Iba, Yuya Oka, Haruka Kimura, Erika Inoue — In this paper, we present a new method of pattern mining by extracting and writing key elements. Jan 26th, 8:00 am Tokyo Time  (PDF of Paper)

  • "How to Write Patterns: A Practical Guide for Creating a Pattern Language on Human Actions" by Takashi Iba — This paper presents the basics of writing patterns in a pattern language, including an exploration of pattern formats, and crucial tips for pattern writing. Jan 26th, 8:45 am Tokyo Time (PDF of Paper)

  • "Systematization of Patterns for Weaving a Pattern Language as a Whole" by Takashi Iba, Takako Kanai, Izumi Fujii — This paper presents a method of "systematization" for creating a system of the pattern language. Jan 27th, 8:00 am Tokyo Time (PDF of Paper)

  • "How to Make Patterns Powerful: Realizing Contrast in a Pattern of a Pattern Language" by Takashi Iba, Hinako Ando — This paper presents how a feeling of contrast embedded in a pattern between two states, a state that is problematic and a state that is good, is important in order to bring inspiration for the readers to take the patterns into action. Jan 27th, 9:00 am Tokyo Time (PDF of Paper)


  • "What does it Mean by Grasping the Essence of Patterns? - A Philosophical Study on Pattern Language Creation with Phenomenology" by Takashi Iba, Konomi Munakata — This paper clarifies what it means to grasp and describe the essence of patterns in pattern languages from the perspective of the philosophy of phenomenology.

  • "The Principles of Deep Creation" by Takashi Iba, Sae Adachi — In this paper, the idea of creation that underlies Christopher Alexander's thought will be understood in terms of the concept of Deep Creation and its seven principles will be clarified, using the words of writers and artists from various fields.


  • "Designing Online Course for Collaboration to Create a Pattern Language: The Case of a Pattern Language for Generators Nurturing Playful Community and Places" by Takashi Iba, Yuki Kawabe, Hinako Ando, Yuya Oka, Akira Tsukakoshi — In this paper, we present how to design and conduct an online course on pattern language creation based on our practice in a medium-sized class of more than 60 students in the timeframe of 3 hours x 6 weeks (1 quarter).

More details about this and other PLoPourri activities can be found here

Organizers' Bios
Takashi Iba is a Professor at the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University. He received a Ph.D. in Media and Governance from Keio University. He is the president of CreativeShift Lab Inc., a board member of The Hillside Group, and a board member of MITSUKARU+WAKARU. Dr. Iba creates numerous pattern languages related to creative human actions in collaboration with his students: Learning Patterns, Presentation Patterns, Collaboration Patterns, Words for a Journey, Project Design Patterns and so on. He writes academic books in Japanese, such as Pattern Language, Creative Learning, Social Systems Theory, and Introduction to Complex Systems.   Takashi Iba
Joseph (Joe) Yoder at:  

Joseph Yoder



rpg lives in California. He writes a poem every day.  

Richard Gabriel




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