Important Dates

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April 4
PLoPourri proposals open
June 14
Paper submissions due
June 22
Shepherding begins
June 29
Registration opens
July 26
Second draft due for review
August 2
Notification of acceptance
August 2
Deadline focus groups/
workshop proposals
August 30
Conference versions due
September 16-30
Writers' Workshops
October 4-7
PLoP Conference days
December 7
Proceedings version due


PLoPourri events and activities aim to be as open and inclusive as possible, from newcomers to experts.

The PLoPourri program aims to cover all phases of the lifecyle of patterns and pattern languages, from brainstorming, mining and writing patterns for specific domains, to organize pattern study groups, writing experience reports on using patterns, and conducting empirical studies.

The activities will be organized by themes, dates and regions, to enable to be run as effectively and widely as possible, from locally and face-to-face, to blended, or simply virtually, and streamed globally.

All PLoPourri activities held along the year will culminate with wrap-up sessions at PLoP 2021 conference days.

Upcoming PLoPourri Events

  • under revision... keep updated!

Past PLoPourri Events

How to organize a PLoPourri Event

We are looking for proposals of events covering different phases of the lifecyle of patterns and pattern languages, namely group events of the following kinds:

  • brainstorming specific domains to capture in pattern form existing expertise and proven practices;
  • pattern mining and writing for specific domains;
  • organize and run pattern study groups, in your region, city, or institution;
  • writing experience reports on using patterns;
  • conducting empirical studies on patterns, namely impact assessment.

Events can span from one single event of a few hours to a several month recurrent event. This is up to the organizers to decide, considering the purpose and targett audience.

If you are interested on suggesting or organizing a PLoPourri Event, contact the chairs to get support, schedule and run one.