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Design Patterns for Test and Testability of applications having Concurrent Architecture and multithreaded design patterns. (TTCA patterns)

The literature shows that the Pattern community has yet to fully explore the pragmatics of Software Test engineering. Our approach to this topic starts with the Architectural Patterns as a framework for beginning to fill in some of the Test and Testability Patterns used in software development and software maintenance. Patterns at various levels based on the experiences of the group will be presented and discussed.

Examples of TTCA patterns:
1. Combinatorial path testing of multithreaded process.
2. Variant on multiprocessor and distributed systems.
3. Progressive Sync Relaxation.
4. Fault-Injection patterns - to evaluate coverage of test cases
5. Test Instrumentation.
6. Built-In Test Instrumentation.

Some of the kinds of things that can be done in the focus group for TTCA patterns are:

" Explore Architectural process patterns affecting the Test process patterns.

" Explore the testability characteristics of various Architectural Patterns supporting or using multi-threading.

" Explore a variety of GoF-level Testability Patterns and show their relationship to architectures.

Contact: John Prieur
Software Engineer
Kofile, Inc.

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