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6 May 2002 <<Cancelled>> The Object Identity Pattern Language

22 Apr 2002 Share your opinions in Focus Topics Discussion Forum.

27 Feb 2002 At the moment, we have 4 focus topics. Please click on each topic name to find more details.



Abstract: The goal of the proposed focused topic session is to discover and document common patterns among architectures of object-oriented distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) systems. As part of the session, the patterns will be interwoven to formulate a pattern language for OO DRE systems. The resulting pattern language will continue to be refined in future focus topic sessions at other PLoP and EuroPLoP conferences.

Contact: Douglas Schmidt (
Dr. Douglas Schmidt is an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of California, Irvine.

Topic: Design Patterns for Test and Testability of applications having Concurrent Architecture and multithreaded design patterns

Abstract: The literature shows that the Pattern community has yet to fully explore the pragmatics of Software Test engineering. Our approach to this topic starts with the Architectural Patterns as a framework for beginning to fill in some of the Test and Testability Patterns used in software development and software maintenance. Patterns at various levels based on the experiences of the group will be presented and discussed.

Contact: John Prieur
Software Engineer
Kofile, Inc.

Topic: Patterns for Securing (Enterprise) Software Applications

Abstract: As the Internet and e-business are gaining interest, security is becoming more important. Standard 'perimeter security' approach (firewalls) do not offer sufficient protection. What we believe has to be done is to come up with methods that would start by treating security as an integral part of application development. Since security touches all the aspects of the development process (design, coding practices etc.), in this focus topic we will discuss all patterns touching both successful and unsuccessful security implementations.

Contact: Miroslav Kis, PhD. CISSP
Senior Advisor / Manager
Strategies and Technology
Information Security
Bank of Montreal Group of Companies
Email: Voice: (416) 513-5283

Topic: Patterns of Messaging and Web Services

Abstract: Web Services are rapidly gaining acceptance as a key part of business-to-business communication and enterprise integration. While many web services implementations have been successfully deployed, there is as of yet a scant understanding as to what the best practices and common patterns are in this field. Closely related topics to this are patterns that relate to asynchronous messaging architectures; especially those that combine asynchronous message flows with composed XML messages. In this focus topic we will examine the first patterns in this emerging field and share experiences in this area.


Kyle Brown (
Executive Java Consultant
IBM Software Services for WebSphere

Ali Arsanjani from IBM Global Services (
Gregor Hohpe from ThoughtWorks (


Topic: The Object Identity Pattern Language

The goal of this refactoring workshop is to start from the notions of object identity and use them as guiding principles to classify the existing patterns and other work in this realm. We are very confident that this will result in interesting relationships and links between these patterns and generate ideas for new patterns. In the long run, we ultimately hope for a coherent pattern language that covers a wide range of recurring problems in contexts in which ideas related to object identity offer appropriate solutions.


Pascal Costanza, University of Bonn, Germany (
Peter Grogono, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada




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