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PLoP 2002 Proceedings (Draft)

Note to authors: Please check the link to the paper and make sure that it contains your final revision. Any corrections should be sent to Weerasak Witthawaskul at

Copyright 2002 by paper authors. Permission is granted only to copy for the PLoP 2002 conference.

Update: 9 Sep 2002 Mock Workshop Paper - Distributed Cache Pattern

Section 1 Accepted Papers

# Authors Title Shepherd Program
  Plenary Session  
18 I. Araujo, M. Weiss Linking Patterns and Non-Functional Requirements (was 'Using the NFR Framework for Representing Patterns') Brian Marick Eric Evans
22 J. Heaney, D. Hybertson, A. Reedy, S. Chapin, T. Bollinger, and D. Williams Information Assurance for Enterprise Engineering Eduardo Fernandez Dirk Riehle
37 S. Wu, A. Mahdy, M. Fayad The Impact of Stability on Design Patterns Implementation (was 'The impact of Stability on Design Patterns') Ali Arsanjani Dirk Riehle
Group 1 Leader: Doug Schmidt and Chris Gill
4 A. Corsaro, D. C. Schmidt, R. Klefstad, C. O'Ryan Virtual Component A Design Pattern for Memory-Constrained Embedded Applications Michael Kircher Doug Schmidt
9 C. Gill, D. Niehaus, V. Subramonian, L. DiPippo and V. Wolfe Resource Rationalizer: A Pattern Language for Multi-Scale Scheduling Angelo Corsaro Doug Schmidt
19 J. Cross, D. Schmidt Quality Connector Joe Loyall Doug Schmidt
24 J.K. Cross, P.J. Lardieri Proactive and Reactive Resource Allocation Robert Hanmer Doug Schmidt
25 J. Loyall, P. Rubel, R. Schantz, M. Atighetchi, J. Zinky Emerging Patterns in Adaptive, Distributed Real-Time, Embedded Middleware Joseph K Cross Doug Schmidt
29 L. Welch, M. Masters, P. Werme Dynamic Resource Management Architecture Patterns Lisa Cingiser DiPippo Doug Schmidt
34 P. Jain, M. Kircher Partial Acquisition FUJINO 'Terry' Terunobu Bobby Woolf
Group 2 Leader: Martin Fowler and Ali Arsanjani
1 A. Arsanjani Patterns for Implementing Grammar-Oriented Object Design Masao Tomono John Vlissides
3 A. Arsanjani Towards a Pattern Language for Web Services Architecture (was 'Patterns for Web Services Architectures') Gustavo Rossi John Vlissides
14 G. Hohpe Enterprise Integration Patterns Philip Eskelin John Vlissides
26 J.T. Souza, S. Matwin and N. Japkowicz Evaluating Data Mining Models: A Pattern Language Paul Asman Dwight Deugo
36 R. P. Silva, R. T. Price Component Interface Pattern Ali Arsanjani Dirk Riehle
41 Y. Byun, B. Sanders, K. Chung A Pattern Language for Communication Protocols Luigi Guadagno Bobby Woolf
43 Matthew A. Brown Validation Strategy (was DataTransferObject DynamicValidationPattern) Klaus Marquardt Dick Gabriel
Group 3 Leader: Ed Fernandez and Ralph Johnson
11 Eduardo B. Fernandez, R. Pan The Sports Manager pattern Linda Rising Mary Lynn Manns
12 E. Fernandez Patterns for Operating Systems Access Control Antonio Rito Silva Joe Yoder
21 J.Garcia-Martin, M.Sutil-Martin The EXTREM COMPILING1 Pattern Language
The Construction of Compiler Back-Ends by Stepwise Transformation of Virtual Machines
(was 'A Compiler Pattern Language: The Design of Abstract Compilers by Stepwise Refinement of Virtual Machines')
Joel Jones Joe Yoder
38 T. Fujino Patterns for Analogous Representation Manfred Lange John Vlissides
40 W. K. Trudell The Secret Partner Pattern Accepted from PLoP 2001  
42 Y. Zhou, Q. Zhao, M. Perry Policy Enforcement Pattern (was 'A Flexible Policy Framework') Uwe Zdun Dwight Deugo
44 Miroslav Kis Information Security Antipatterns in Software Requirements Engineering (was ' Security Aspects of Requirements Engineering - Common Misconceptions') Alejandra Garrido Mary Lynn Manns
Group 4 Leader: Linda Rising and Joe Yoder
5 A. Mahdy, M.E. Fayad A Software Stability Model Pattern (was 'Stable Models as Common-Core Applications Patterns') Brad Appleton Dirk Riehle
16 H. Hamza, M.E. Fayad A Pattern Language for Building Stable Analysis
(was 'Introduction to Stable Software Analysis Patterns')
Bruce Whitenack Dirk Riehle
23 J. Jones Tabular Code: Write Once, Generate Many Eugene Wallingford Eric Evans
27 L. Rising, C. King, D. May, S. Sanchez Patterns for Building a Beautiful Company ruce Whitenack Mary Lynn Manns
28 L. Rising Customer Interaction Patterns Andy Carlson Bobby Woolf
32 M. Tomono CONTEXT Ralph Johnson Mary Lynn Manns
39 T. Sarver THE DISCRIMINATION NET: CATEGORIZING AND MANIPULATING DOMAIN OBJECTS (was ' Handling Arbitrary Categories with the Discrimination Net Pattern') Ken Auer Eric Evans
Group 5 Leader: Eugene Wallingford and Bob Hanmer
8 B. Zivaljevic Templetized Primitive Method Idiom Toni Marinucci Joe Yoder
10 E. Crahen, B. Ramamurthy Facet: A Pattern for Dynamic Interfaces Bobby Woolf Eric Evans
15 G. Stubbendieck A Pattern Language for Controlling Chaotic Activity Bosko Zivaljevic Dick Gabriel
20 J. Eckstein Patterns for Active Learning Linda Rising Dwight Deugo
30 L. Zhen, G. Shao Analysis patterns for oil refineries (was 'Analysis Pattern of Refinery Structure') Eduardo Fernandez Joe Yoder
31 L. Zhen, G. Shao A Pattern Language for Developing Web based Multi Source Data Acquisition Application (was 'Pattern for Developing Web based Multi Source Data Acquisition Application') Jutta Eckstein Bobby Woolf
35 R. Hanmer Operations and Maintenance 1 Berna Massingill Dick Gabriel

Section 2 Large Pattern Language Group Papers

Group Pattern Language Leaders
1 Patterns of System Integration with Enterprise Messaging Bobby Woolf, Kyle Brown
2 Strategic Design (excerpt from Domain Driven Design) - Entire manuscript can be downloaded from here. Eric Evans
3 Some Algorithm Structure and Support Patterns for Parallel Application Programs (abstract) Berna Massingill, Timothy G. Mattson, Beverly A. Sanders



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