**Important Dates**

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April 4
PLoPourri proposals open, no due dates
June 28-July 3
Paper submissions due
July 5
Shepherding begins
July 5
Registration opens
August 23
Last draft due for review
August 30
Notification of acceptance
August 23
Deadline focus groups/
workshop proposals
September 10
Conference versions due
September 24 - October 1
Writers' Workshops
October 5-7
PLoP Conference days
December 7
Proceedings version due

PLoP Participation

Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP) conference is a premier event for pattern authors and pattern enthusiasts to gather, discuss, and learn more about patterns and software development. The conference program offers pattern authors a unique opportunity to have their pattern languages reviewed by fellow authors, which occurs mainly in the form of Writers' Workshops.

In a writers’ workshop, authors of papers and people who have reviewed those papers provide constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement using a light, but formal, process. PLoP also hosts workshops, focus groups, and invited talks.

PLoP Participant vs PLoP Observer

A PLoP attendee can be either a Participant or an Observer. The difference is what they may do in writers’ workshops.

PLoP Participant

A PLoP Participant is a person who actively participates in writers’ workshops at PLoP. PLoP Participants will have had access to the workshop papers ahead of time, and are expected to prepare by reading the papers before the conference. They are permitted to make suggestions, critique, and describe observations about papers. They participate for the full duration of PLoP.

PLoP Observer

A PLoP Observer is someone that wants to learn more about patterns and what happens at PLoPs. They will have an observer role in the writers’ workshops watching what happens but do not comment. They are silent observers of the writers’ workshops.

PLoP Participants and Observers participate fully in all the other aspects of PLoP.