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Small Services Without Red Tape Chair: Richard Gabriel
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Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption: A Beginning by A. Elssamadisy, David West
Patterns for Agile Development Practice, Part 3 by J. Bergin
Team Project Patterns for College Students by D. Hayes, J. Hill, A. Mannette-Wright, H. Wong
THE ABSENT PARTICIPANT More patterns for group awareness by T. Schuemmer, S. Lukosch
Busy Person Patterns by J. Kile, D. Little, S. Shah
Patterns to Enable Distributed Development by L. Hvatum
Active Learning and Feedback Patterns by J. Bergin
Sleeping in Public Chair: Joe Yoder & Linda Rising
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A Collection of Privacy Design Patterns by M. Hafiz
Patterns for Session-Based Access Control by E. B. Fernandez, G. Pernul
The Credentials Pattern by P. Morrison, E. B. Fernandez
Even more patterns for secure operating systems by E. B. Fernandez, T. Sorgente, M. M. Larrondo-Petrie
Describing Access Control Patterns Using Roles by D. Kim, P. Mehta, P. Gokhale
Privacy Patterns for Online Interactions by S. Romanosky, A. Acquisti, J. Hong, L. F. Cranor, B. Friedman
The Application Monitor Pattern by R. Coelho, U. Kulesza, A. Staa, C. Lucena
Intimacy Gradient Chair: Ward Cunningham & Bob Hanmer
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The Mutator Pattern by M. Raner
Design Patterns for Device Driver Design by S. Bammi
A Pattern Language for Extensible Program Representation by D. Vainsencher, A. P. Black
Patterns for Documenting Frameworks – Part III by A. Aguiar, G. David
Static and Metaprogramming Patterns and Static Frameworks by P. Bachmann
Error Containment by R. Hanmer
High Availability Design Patterns by K. S. Ahluwalia, A. Jain
Connection To The Earth Chair: Kyle Brown
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Programmers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus: A practical guide to working with customers on XP Projects by A. Martin, J. Noble, R. Biddle
Problem Frame Patterns by J. Noble, R. Wirfs-Brock, P. Taylor
Patterns for Service-Oriented Information Exchange Requirements by A. Mahfouz, L. Barroca, R. C. Laney, B. Nuseibeh
Patterns for Business Object Model Integration in Process-Driven and Service-Oriented Architectures by C. Hentrich, U. Zdun
Web Content Management Patterns by Y. Gorfu, R. Smith, A. Guerra, O. Odeyemi
Towards a Pattern Language for Interactive Information Graphics by C. Kohls, T. Windbrake
Drag and Dock Design Pattern by P. Santos, A. Aguiar
Thickening The Outer Walls Chair: Ralph Johnson
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A Data Flow Pattern Language for Audio and Music Computing by P. Arumí, D. Garcia, X. Amatriain
Functional Testing: A Pattern to Follow and Smells to Avoid by A. Elssamadisy, J. Whitmore
The Configuration Data Caching Pattern by L. Welicki
Applying Patterns to Build a Lightweight Middleware for Embedded Systems by D. Bellebia, J-M. Douin
Value Object by D. Riehle
Universal E-Catalog pattern by H. Saadawi
It's Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Stand-up Meetings by J. Yip
Special paper review session  
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Taxonomy of Architectural Style Usages by S. Giesecke
Design Patterns: the Devils in the Detail by M. Ó Cinnéide, P. Fagan

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