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Author(s) Title (abstract, pdf) Shepherd Program
GROUP  1 LEADER: Kyle Brown                                   "Office Connections"
Lubor Sesera A Recurring Fulfilments Analysis Pattern 
Eduardo B. Fernandez Steve Berczuk
Eduardo B. Fernandez, Xiaohong Yuan, and Sandra Brey Analysis Patterns for the Order and Shipment of a Product 
(abs, pdf)
Dirk Riehle Bobby Woolf
SeungIl Lee, Dongsoo Han, Dongman Lee A Pattern for Managing Distributed Workflows
(abs, pdf)
Alan O'Callaghan Bob Hanmer
Eduardo B. Fernandez Stock Manager: An Analysis Pattern for Inventories 
(abs, pdf)
Rosana Teresinha Vaccare Braga Bobby Woolf
Ali Arsanjani Rule Object: A Pattern Language for Adaptable and Scalable Business Rule Construction 
(abs, pdf) -- PRE-WORKSHOP VERSION. (New version will be available soon.)
Hans Wegener Dwight Deugo
Viviane Hays, Marc Loutrel, and Eduardo B. Fernandez The Object Filter and Access Control Framework (abs, pdf) Manfred Lange Bobby Woolf
GROUP 2 LEADER: Steve Berczuk                              "Connection to the Earth"
Paul Asman Legacy Wrapping 
(abs, pdf)
John Vlissides Eugene Wallingford
Steve Berczuk
Brad Appleton
Ralph Cabrera
Getting Ready to Work: Patterns for a Developer's Workspace 
(abs, pdf)
Linda Rising Bobby Woolf 
Andreas Rüping Building Frameworks and Applications Simultaneously
(abs, pdf)
Neil Harrison Steve Berczuk
Andreas Rüping Reader-Friendly Media for the Documentation of Software Projects 
(abs, pdf)
Mike Wu Brad Appleton
Colin A. Depradine
Brian G. Patrick, Michel de Champlain
The Collection-View Model: A Pattern Language for Software Reuse Tools 
(abs, pdf)
Russ Rufer Bobby Woolf
GROUP  3 LEADER: Bob Hanmer                                  "Network of Learning" 
Juha Pärssinen,
Markku Turunen
Patterns for Protocol System Architecture 
(abs, pdf)
Michael Stal Dwight Deugo
Brian Marick Using Ring Buffer Logging to Help Find Bugs
(abs, pdf)
Kyle Brown Brad Appleton
Robert S. Hanmer Real Time and Resource Overload Language 
(abs, pdf)
Ward Cunningham Eugene Wallingford
Rossana Andrade, Luigi Logrippo
Mark Bottomley and Todd Coram
A Pattern Language for Mobility Management 
(abs, pdf)
Todd Coram Robert Hanmer
Douglas C. Schmidt
Carlos O'Ryan,
Michael Kircher,
Irfan Pyarali,
Frank Buschmann
(abs, pdf)
Eduardo B. Fernandez Steve Berczuk
Irfan Pyarali,
Carlos O'Ryan
Douglas C. Schmidt
Patterns for Efficient, Predictable, Scalable, and Flexible Dispatching Components 
(abs, pdf)
Steve Berczuk Bobby Woolf 
GROUP  4 LEADER: John Vlissides                               "The Unselfconscious Process"
Jorge Ortega-Arjona The Communicating Sequential Elements Pattern. A Domain Parallelism Architectural Pattern for Parallel Programming 
(abs, pdf)
Douglas Schmidt Bob Hanmer
Thomas V. Judkins  and
Christopher D. Gill
Synthesizer. A Pattern Language for Designing Digital Modular Synthesis Software 
(abs, pdf)
Norm Kerth Bobby Woolf
James C. Hu
Christopher D. Gill
Patterns in Flexible Server Application Frameworks 
(New version will be available soon.)
Ali Arsanjani Dwight Deugo
Qusay H. Mahmoud Security Policy: A Design Pattern for Mobile Java Code 
(abs, pdf)
Federico Balaguer Bob Hanmer
Jose Manuel Burgos-Ortiz ,
Javier Galve-Frances
Julio García-Martín,
Miguel Sutil-Martín
(abs, pdf)
Dwight Deugo Steve Berczuk
Berna L. Massingill,
Timothy G. Mattson, Beverly A. Sanders
Patterns for Finding Concurrency for Parallel Application Programs (abs, pdf) Alan O'Callaghan Bob Hanmer
GROUP  5 LEADER: Ralph Johnson                              "Quiet Backs"
Rani Pinchuk,
Yonat Sharon
The Skin Pattern 
(abs, pdf)
Mark G. Bradac Dwight Deugo
Martijn van Welie
Hallvard Traetteberg
Interaction Patterns in User Interfaces 
(abs, pdf
Jutta Eckstein Bob Hanmer
Dirk Riehle,
Michel Tilman, Ralph Johnson
Dynamic Object Model 
(abs, pdf)
Joshua Kerievsky Brad Appleton
Rani Pinchuk
Yonat Sharon
The Phrasebook Pattern 
(abs, pdf)
Alejandra Garrido Brad Appleton
Prashant Jain
Michael Kircher
(abs, pdf)
Irfan Pyarali Steve Berczuk

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